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Welcome To The Amazing World!!!Amazing world of geology

Geology is an interesting subject, where you learn about so many wonders of the nature. My site will introduce you to geology, which is a gate towards the wonders of this beautiful world.

What is Geology?
This name is new to some people and few of them confuse it with zoology!!!
This site gives information that will be interesting to common people and will also be helpful to the students of Geology.

GEOLOGY is basically the study of surface and subsurface rocks....OOOOH, that sounds so boring.... yeah?

No its not really so. This is the field where you study about the exciting world of colourful minerals, precious ore deposits like gold, copper etc., amazing huge structures in the rocks and mountain ranges like faults, folds.
This is the study of past environment, which existed in the world thousands, and millions of years ago which gives idea of life that once ruled the earth.
Here you learn about amazing dinosaurous age. Geological studies are also very crucial in finding ground water and in exploring the oil and gas reserves. Causes of earthquake, volcanic eruptions and subjects related to them all come under geology.

In broader term Geology is the study of present earth in order to learn how the earth has evolved to the present condition through its history.


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I hope these pages will be interesting to every one along with the Geology students..

** Please also visit page "Agents of Erosion", and "Amazing Desert Features". You will see some amazing pictures and some good information about the desert."
A good guide to Geology students..

***Do not hesitate to ask question about the topics mentioned above or any question which keeps pinching your mind related to Geology.

**** In near future new pages are planned on the following topics

1. Plate Tectonics
2. Dinosaurs (triassic and jurassic period)
3. Geological time scale
4. Geological structures

Keep visiting to see the updates.

Wind Erosion

The picture above shows sandstone arc formed in a desert due to differential erosion by the action of wind. Please click on the picture to learn more about the desert.


Your suggestions

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Idea of any thing new to be included will be appreciated.

Please send details if you have some interesting and good piece of information related to the geology that you might like to share with others.

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Weekly Question...

Weekly a question will be asked under this heading and the answer will be given next day. If you are interested in questions and answers asked previously, please go to the Question Answer Archive page.

Question : What are Pelagic Sediments?

Answer: Pelagic sediments are fine-grained deep ocean sediments mainly composed of biogenic ooze (mostly foraminifera ooze and radiolarian ooze) and clay minerals. In the deep sea water fine grained detritus material from surface water slowly settles at the bottom to form a sedimentary deposit. This contains skeletal remains of calcareous or siliceous microorganisms and clay minerals.

Weathering Basalt
The picture above shows a wonderful image of basaltic mountain range under going weathering.

For details please visit Photo 2Page (Basalt) or click on the image above.

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